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… your bouquet keeps on blooming… creating wellness through re-purposing flowers …

Healthcare reports credit flowers with the ability to not only improve one’s mood, but to better one’s health. Floral Philanthropy is a unique, first-in-Canada program which re-purposes the flowers from your event to bring joy, healing and therapeutic benefit to others. Volunteers retrieve the flowers from your venue, redesign the arrangements and redeliver these petal pick-me-ups to persons who rarely receive such gifts of hope.

Research studies have shown that flowers seem to boost brain functioning, enhancing episodic memory in older people. Plus, cardiac patients’ heart rates lowered and moods improved substantially when they were exposed to flowers. Findings of this research suggest that plants and flowers in a hospital environment could be non-invasive, inexpensive and an effective complementary medicine for patients recovering from surgical procedures.

Joyce Berry, Hennie Corrin, Barry McArton


Joined together by their sense of “give-back” to the community; Hennie Corrin, Barry McArton and Joyce Berry, long-time friends, founded Floral Philanthropy. Having witnessed numerable events which are forced to waste many of their floral arrangements, a need was acknowledged, a recycling goal established and a recipient list identified.

Hennie Corrin, a certified horticultural therapist and nurse, understood  the value of flowers, and their strong positive effect on one’s emotional and physical well being.

Barry McArton’s involvement with Winnipeg Harvest and other fundraising efforts enabled him to recognize this project as another opportunity to better the lives of others.

Joyce Berry’s organizational skills, love of flowers and the appreciation that a simple bloom can bring such pleasure to people who rarely receive such petal-pick-me-ups made her a perfect fit for the team.


Joyce Berry, David Northcott & Hennie Corrin at Winnipeg Harvest

By partnering with Winnipeg Harvest Floral Philanthropy can offer a two-pronged benefit.  Firstly, your re-purposed flowers create good feeling for days to come, spreading hope and joy within the community.  Secondly, your monetary donation to Winnipeg Harvest can be leveraged 20 times.  Your tax-receipted gift can make a huge difference to approximately 61,000 Manitobans each month; over 44 percent of whom are children. Your pay forward not only lifts spirits; but warms hearts and tummies.

Barry McArton, Joyce Berry, Kate Brenner & Hennie Corrin

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